I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Currently I’ve swung towards hate. I’ve stopped reading Facebook. Perhaps in a few weeks I’ll be back. I’m not sure.

For years, I would check the app on my phone 5-6 times a day, I just decided to delete it. It has become a soap opera for me. Its something I don’t need, it’s something that would shape my thoughts in negative directions. I was awkwardly attached to it. That’s not something I need in my life.

I like Facebook when its keeping in touch with Family. I like Facebook when friends are publishing interesting or entertaining articles, family photos or musing their thoughts intelligently. Pictures of I refer to these kinds of Facebook posts as “The Signal”, good social interaction.

My Facebook must be broken. I seem to be getting more “Random gibberish” from various directions. I call this “The Noise”. Noise is nothing more than peoples brain farts materialized from thoughts into form, random English entered on a keyboard and published for all to see. Its the equivalent of giving everyone a Rapmaster 2000 (megaphone).

Don’t even get me started on those “Click Like If You Agree” nonsense posts. They’re articles about current news items, typically Rapists, Child Murderers, or other unacceptible human behavior recently discussed on TV or in the news. We don’t need a ‘Like’ referendum on these articles, its common knowledge, those Murderers are unwelcome aspects of Human society. So, why publish them in the first place? And, what happens if I DON’T click Like?

What happens if your “Click Like If You Agree” article is racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise backward thinking? Maybe Facebook needs a “You are a Moron for posting this” button.

More often than not, I just ignore your opinions… So if I’m ignoring you, then why do I need to be on Facebook, what’s the point?

I suspect its always going to be that way, maybe I’ll never be back.

Facebook, I’m out for now. The Signal To Noise ratio is just too low.

If you’ve written to me on Facebook and you think I’m ignoring you then … watch this.