About Page

Hello and Welcome! I’m Steven Toth and I’m a nerd. I make my living as an engineer working for Kernel Labs Inc. I live and work in the United States. Specifically, here on Long Island, part of New York State.

You may know me from such apps as HDPVRCapture, or as the author of various LinuxTV Kernel device drivers, or from my time working for different companies in the United Kingdom.

I’m the “work from home” President of Kernel Labs Inc, founded during 2009 inorder to service the wider Commercial Audio/Video Linux community.

I’ve spent the last 12 years focused on audio/video Kernel subsystems, working in and around the LinuxTV community. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work alongside some tremendous engineers who’ve lovingly taught me their craft, I thank you all.

I have an extremely patient wife and two wonderful daughters.

This is a personal blog, don’t expect any discussion about the business.

Why the Blog?

Most of us recognize the benefits of Open Source Software. I strongly believe that embracing and extending the work of others will built a better civilization. Unfortunately, the reality of working for a living means that I frequently work on secretive and proprietary projects that I cannot discuss.

Make no mistake, these projects are fun and I love my work. In recent years I’ve noticed that I’m not giving as much back to the community as I would like.

This blog aims to fix that.

Giving Back

Over the years I’ve amassed a huge amount of information that will benefit anyone working in the audio/video domain. I plan to ‘give back’ by writing a series of articles, mostly short, describing various products, procedures, tricks and techniques that will help you debug and solve practical software and hardware problems.

If you’re curious about hardware, curious about sniffing electrical buses, reverse engineering drivers and protocols, generally want to improve your audio/video knowledge then you’ve come to the right place.


I’m not an english major and I don’t play one on television. I consider myself no more than average when trying to get my ideas down in print. If you don’t like my writing style then that’s ok, the world is a big place - move on.

Constructive feedback is welcome, see my contact page.