Vanessa (wife) bought me a K-Cup machine for my birthday a few months ago. Prior to this I was buying beans and grinding, typically drinking 3 mugs of coffee per day.

K-Cups feel pretty expensive so I’ve tried a few different brands, flavors and price-points. I don’t have any favourites at this point. I think I just like plain old no-frills coffee.

Thinking positively, today I ordered some Organic kups from amazon. Caza Trail Coffee, Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast, 100 Single Serve Cups, at $.35 each, the reviews were good and this seems like a fair price. $35 incl. free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Of course, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve had the first cup, likely the middle of next week.

Lets hope this isn’t one of those moments when you buy something in bulk and regret it after the first taste.

Update: They arrived yesterday. I’m part way through my first cup this morning. The flavor is a little ‘earthy’ (bold) and rather good. A good purchase. Recommended.