Kernel Labs Website

In 2008 I started a company called Kernel Labs, Staffed by a hand-full of like-minded individuals, our goal was to develop Linux device drivers, offering consulting services to commercial companies.

Kernel Labs was a success, to a point, we helped over 100 seperate businesses large and small, in all types of industries from airline entertainment, to fitness, home security, cable companies, hardware manufacturers to digital media companies. Times change, people move on, technology moves on, Linux became mainstream.

Kernel Labs exists, but its a shadow of its former self, and that’s completely ok.

We still do occasional projects, we maintain software stacks and services for existing customers. Reach out to me if you’re a Kernel Labs customer and need help, you should have my number and email address.

For the time being I’m taking the website down, it’s showing its age. I’m redirecting the website back to this blog.

Time for something new!